Who is our founder?

Ofice MKT online

Our founder VĂ­ctor Donet has +15 years experience in the digital word. His passions are online marketing and business. He studied Computer Science and then entered the digital marketing word after founding his two startups. Victor has worked in the first acelaration programm in Spain Bbooster. He have given talks about traction and online marketing in front of auditories of more than 100 persons.

We design your marketing strategy

We offer a 360 degree service: we get involved in your digital projects from the beginning and we treat them like our own. We analyse, we create online strategies and we design and develop websites according to the needs of every individual case:

At ZipZapTiger we specialise in Google AdWords Management

You will find everything you need to make your business a success at ZipZapTiger.

Ofice MKT online
Victor Donet Founder of ZipZapTiger